An Ozark Howler Story… With a Heron

Slightly up and to the left of the Bible Belt is America's love handle, the Ozark Mountains. There, hidden in the hills, they say, lives the Ozark Howler, a creature with strange, twisted horns, razor sharp claws, dark shaggy fur and glowing red eyes. Two and a half years ago, an artist using the pseudonym … Continue reading An Ozark Howler Story… With a Heron

Ozark Howler from Another Dimension

interdimensional science fiction ozark howler

As many have noted, the Ozark Howler has an appearance so outlandish as to make the literal reality of its existence as an earthbound creature too implausible to ignore. Large land animals on Earth do not have glowing eyes. Carnivores do not have horns. Furthermore, the difficulty of obtaining reliable eyewitness reports about the Ozark … Continue reading Ozark Howler from Another Dimension