An Ozark Howler Story… With a Heron

Slightly up and to the left of the Bible Belt is America’s love handle, the Ozark Mountains. There, hidden in the hills, they say, lives the Ozark Howler, a creature with strange, twisted horns, razor sharp claws, dark shaggy fur and glowing red eyes.

Two and a half years ago, an artist using the pseudonym began working on a story about the Ozark Howler, involving a young woman, Chris, who can transform at will into the shape of a heron. The Ozark Howler, in this story, can speak and has a name: Micah Cahill.

In one scene of the story, the Ozark Howler and its heron friend defend a human named Ana from a frightening creature called The Glashhtyn:

A cat, a panther of some kind perhaps, stood over her with its fangs bared. Ana stared at the curved ram’s horns curling out of the back of the cat’s skull, trying to remember what Hallows used to tell her about the territory the base was located in.

Beside the great cat stood a blue heron, larger than any she’d seen before, head tilted back and wings stretched out in a defensive display. The heron clacked its beak angrily and made a loud squawk. The cat answered in kind with an ear-splitting sound somewhere between a wolf’s howl and the bugle of an elk.

Ana had been quite surprised enough before the cat spoke.

“She has crossed running water, Glashhtyn. You know the old pacts.”

Deadly Encounter, by Arden Aspen

Arden Aspen fantasized about whether the story might be picked up by Disney.

I’d like to know more of the story, wouldn’t you?

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