Mildred the Ozark Howler

On DeviantArt, FreakyCute18, an artist from Argentina, has drawn a bipedal version of the Ozark Howler named Mildred. This Ozark Howler is a 21 year-old female, and she's waving her finger in the air as if to say, "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it." Who knew that Ozark … Continue reading Mildred the Ozark Howler

Exorcists Coming After The Ozark Howler

A couple of years ago, the Standard, a newspaper out of Springfield, Missouri, told the story of Kenneth¬†and¬†Farah Rose Deel, a couple who makes a living by convincing people that they are being haunted by demons. In the ultimate economic convenience, prospective clients are told that only Kenneth and Farah are capable of solving the … Continue reading Exorcists Coming After The Ozark Howler