Ozark Howler Documentary Reveals New Eyewitness

This week, a new documentary about the Ozark Howler was broadcast across the USA, identifying the Howler as “More fearsome than anything known to man.” That’s big bragging rights for the monster, but then, the creature has always preferred to lurk rather than acting like a showboat.

More impressive, then, is the documentary’s collection of eyewitnesses who have seen the Ozark Howler with their own eyes.

Laura Poor reports, “It was March of 2008. I was headed home from work. As I was coming down the road, there was a big, it looked like a ball of black fur. I slammed on my brakes. It resembled the way a cat would hunch down on its hind legs with its front legs straight. It stood up. It was huge. It was the size of a bear, but had longer fur, and it had a long tail, which bears don’t have, and it just darted across the road. I was really scared, and for quite a while, I wouldn’t go outside afterwards, even to this day I still get goosebumps. It was terrifying.

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