The Ozark Howler is Both Creepy and Cute

People find in the Ozark Howler what they bring to the monster in themselves. So it is that plenty of people emphasize the dark danger of the beast, and call it “the most metal cryptid” of them all. These people carry a lot of anger into the world, and they expect it from each other. For them, life is a battle.

Other people bring a bright and cheery attitude toward the world. They see others as friends by default. They’re positive and expect others to be warm in return. To them, the Ozark Howler is a cute animal, or often, a cute semi-human furry thing. It’s adorable, and even wears sweet little outfits.

So it is with J. Chigo, a social media artist who has drawn the Ozark Howler as a sweet female beast wearing a short skirt fringed with lace and a smile on her face. What a sweetheart that Ozark Howler is!

I’m not trying to bring judgment to either the positive or negative side of perception. Perhaps we need both. The point is simply that the Ozark Howler as a cultural animal becomes what we need it to be. Maybe if we focused more on that changing emotional aspect of it, we might get deeper into understanding the Ozark Howler than we do when we argue about measuring its height at the shoulder or taxonomic classification.

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