The Ozark Howler in a Hoodie

Anyone who has been to the Ozarks knows that, for most of the year, cold isn’t really a problem there. So, you won’t see anyone on the streets of Fayetteville wearing, for example, a sweatshirt on top of a fur coat.

Ah, but fantasy artwork obeys no such sensible rules. So it is that that Headmaster Taxi, an artist with work on, has crafted an Ozark Howler who, on top of his rather thick fur, likes to wear a red hoodie.

Style, you know.

This Ozark Howler, whose name is Braxton, also features some anatomical details never before seen on a Howler: Feathers. What’s more, these feathers can glow in the dark. With the glowing red eyes, this version of the Ozark Howler is thoroughly bioluminescent.

Who’s to say that it isn’t so?

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