The Ozark Howler Offline

Over at the Cryptid Wiki, they write that the Ozark Howler is “typically described as being bear sized, with a thick body, stocky legs, black shaggy hair, glowing red eyes, and prominent horns. Its cry is often described as being a combination of a wolf’s howl, an elk’s bugle, and the laugh of a hyena.”

People take that description and repeat it, but the fact is that the sound of the Ozark Howler is actually described in many different ways, offline.

In 1992, Ted Eccleston was camping when he heard the Ozark Howler, and described it to people when he went into town the next morning for groceries, saying, “It started out high pitched, kind of like a cat in heat, but then kept on going down in pitch, until it sounded more like a bullfrog, gasping for air, but louder.”

Are the horns of the Ozark Howler always described as “prominent”? No. People call them “big” and “sharp” and “twisting” too. In 1953, Jasper Pollard wrote of his encounter, “The horns of that howler had ridges going every which way, twisting all around all the way up to the top, and I couldn’t help think about how it might feel to have them piercing my gut. I turned, and walked away fast.”

The Ozark Howler is more than a web page. Get out into the Ozarks and ask around. You’ll find more than what’s “typically described”.

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